Soulbyte for Friday July 17, 2015

Human life is a series of repetitions until the day comes when the lessons finally make sense. Until then they will be repeated in the thoughts, behaviors, and habits that make up life on earth. The lessons do bear repeating. Even the guidance from without bears repeating, for without repetition life would have no meaning. It is in the repetition that the truths, the lessons, and meaning will be found.

Do not dismiss that which is faced each day, the repetitive behaviors that make you You, that may make you feel stuck or habitually in a loop you can’t seem to get out of. For it is in your habits that your answers lie. And so, live your life fully, seeking always the opening, the way out of the loop and into a new phase. Thank your habits for the lessons they bring, for the truths they reveal. Soon you will learn that resolution emerges out of repetition.

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