Soulbyte for Thursday July 2, 2015

Inner knowing, a warrior’s companion, comes with practice, with paying attention to the signs and notices that come from within, mirrored without. Without inner knowing, life is a stumbling, rock-strewn path, hard to see. With inner knowing, the way becomes smooth, light-filled, and all is revealed. When all is revealed a warrior’s choices become refined, intent more focused. With inner knowing in place, a warrior’s journey is certain, the goals clear.

How does a warrior hone inner knowing?

Every day a warrior is alert to what is going on inside the self, paying attention to body speak, mind speak, spirit speak, and the language of emotion, which leads the way to greater understanding of just what must be faced in a lifetime.

A warrior knows that seeking stability and fluidity in the world, balanced with inner calmness and awareness within, are key elements to inner knowing, and so a warrior pays attention to everything that is happening inside and out and navigates life without blame or resentment but by taking full responsibility for the self and all that occurs.

Inner knowing naturally develops as a warrior learns to trust the language of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. A warrior is aware at all times that within the self all that is necessary waits to be discovered and brought into life. A warrior is aware that a path of heart leads there, to self-knowledge, self-awareness, and inner knowing, and so a warrior never hesitates to act according to and in alignment with what is right.

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