Soulbyte for Wednesday July 1, 2015

Allow the self to relax and be open to what life offers as you traverse your path of heart. In so doing, new creative juices will flow and new ideas will stimulate new visions. To create a new self is a noble idea and to do so with awareness of the importance of becoming spiritually aware and active in today’s world reveals a true caring for the world and all fellow living beings. To change the self is the catalyst now needed to seed deep-seated change everywhere.

So relax and enjoy the journey of creation of a new self, a new life, and a new world. Without you and your input the world’s possibilities for creation of a greater, kinder, more compassionate world would not be fulfilling. You matter more than you think. Your efforts matter. Your energy matters.

A far greater, more spiritual world is already in the making. To join forces with that is more than a noble idea, benefitting you and all beings. As you continue on your path of heart, through all its twists and turns, know that you are truly making a difference. Your intent to change matters! As you join the energy of good, relax and enjoy the journey!

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