Soulbyte for Sunday June 28, 2015

A warrior’s intent is solid. A warrior uses decisions and choices to achieve that solidity of intent. For it is a warrior’s overall intent to flow through life like a stream of energy, merging, spending and receiving, giving and taking of all that life offers, as is appropriate to maintain life for as long as it lasts.

A warrior’s process is one of learning how to navigate with intentions solidly focused on a path of heart, with generosity, curiosity, and compassion. And yet, a warrior is also intent upon achieving enough awareness and energy to seamlessly flow in and out of worlds, to travel fluidly beyond the turmoil of this world into the world of energy. And so a warrior seeks always the means and currents of energy that will best serve this purpose.

But without goodness of heart and love for all beings none of a warrior’s efforts will matter, for a true warrior, though personally intent has no personal agenda except to learn how energy works. For a warrior knows that everything is energy. And to understand that is to truly understand how to change the self and the world, perception by perception, with love for all beings who must struggle through life on earth, flowing and being tossed about by their own stream of circumstances.

We are all beings in the same churning waters of life, trying to figure it out. A warrior has compassion for all other beings, for ultimately it’s all about discovering that life is an energetic reality, and that all beings have a purpose and a role to play in the stream of life!

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