Soulbyte for Sunday June 14, 2015

Intuition, the neighbor of mind, awakens during times of intense emotion or during times of intense quiet. Mind has many levels and many possibilities, but intuition is its own grand operative. It is the warrior’s prerogative to cultivate intuition, to learn of its gifts and bounty. An intuitive warrior has the opportunity to forge ahead into new dimensions as intuition is developed.

Through repeated adventures with intuition, a warrior begins to trust its missives and its voice. Through experience in life’s reality and in intuition’s reality, a warrior’s knowledge grows. A warrior’s knowing is tightly interwoven with keen intuition and keen mind. How else does a warrior “know?”

Notice how your own intuition works and begin to cultivate its natural “knowing.” This is the warrior’s way, for a warrior does not simply guess, a warrior truly does KNOW. Your own warrior spirit is always ready, your intuition asks only that you test it and learn to trust it. Your own warrior spirit loves the challenge and the experiences of knowing, intuition, and spirit mind.

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