Soulbyte for Monday June 8, 2015

Taking a broader perspective on life—and on this current life in particular as part of a larger whole—offers the opportunity to shift away from self pity and into a different overall outlook on the personal journey. A warrior knows that self pity has no value except to point out where one is caught. A warrior knows that karma, the work to be done in a lifetime, based on previous lives and the work done in them, may involve facing a lot of ugly truths about the self, but a warrior does so without feeling sorry for the self.

A warrior pushes through self pity to arrive at a place of contentment with all that is, no matter life’s circumstances, for a warrior is aware that everything is meaningful. Even if meaning is not readily apparent, a warrior does not give up or give in because a warrior knows that meaning comes eventually and all will be clear. And so, a warrior finds value in everything, even self pity.

In the meantime, a warrior takes on the challenges of life with gusto and energy, seeking awareness and resolution of the mysteries of life so that evolution into new life may naturally occur.

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