Soulbyte for Sunday May 31, 2015

Observe how intention to change begins to take on its own momentum. Notice how, before long, the intention that once felt strange and impossible becomes more naturally part of one’s life. So is it with change. Pretty soon it is no longer a stranger in one’s life but a well-recognized friend and that which once had to be constantly attended to becomes normal behavior. Pretty soon the process of change is taking you forward rather than you having to push for change. Pretty soon everything is different.

It is then that a new self begins to emerge more fully, the changing self that you have longed for. Pretty soon you find that all of your intentions to change are more easily accomplished and you realize you are where you once thought it impossible to be. So is it with life, with nature; change happens constantly. Embrace that knowledge as you continue along your path of change, knowing that wihtin the self all is changing too. YOU are always changing. Observe that!

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