Soulbyte for Monday May 18, 2015

All human beings are of two minds. Beyond the known mind, the telling, thought-provoking, deciding mind is another mind, the knowing mind. Begin to find, know and use this other, deeper, more ancient silent mind. This is the mind of the Higher Self, the one who knows all. This is the mind to cultivate, rather than the mind that ensnares, tells you lies about yourself and the world, and keeps you caught in its spiraling patterns of thought, greed, and emotional stagnation.

Find Higher Mind in moments of calmness, its voice pleasant, assuring and wise. You are this other mind even more than you are who you think you are. Make it a great day by opening up to its voice, letting it take you to a higher place within the self, so that you experience the world without as a higher place as well. Remember: everything is possible. You are more than you think you are. Let Higher Mind and Higher Self do your thinking today and see what happens!

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