Soulbyte for Saturday May 16, 2015

A warrior knows that there is a distinction between having discipline and forcing something. A warrior knows that to have discipline is to hone a skill, gained by working at tempering the child self and maturing the adult self. A warrior knows that to overpower the child self is to force an issue, often resulting in the child self getting angry. A warrior knows that it is far better to work with the child self to mature and grow, while the adult self seeks alignment, stability and maturity in the world.

A warrior knows that alignment and balance will occur naturally and there will be fewer disciplinary and anger issues to deal with as this work takes place. A warrior knows that this inner work will result in a more naturally flowing life. Even discipline will naturally be present as balance between child and adult self occur.

A warrior knows, however, that there are outside influences that may interfere with even the most concerted and disciplined inner work, and so a warrior is always aware of entities seeking to attach, to force their way in and take over. A warrior is aware that balance is the greatest defense and so a warrior is not frightened of entities, for a warrior realizes that entities only gain entry through the door of imbalance. And so, a warrior studies imbalance, advancing the art of discipline so that eventually the entities fall away. And so a warrior never gives up the fight because a warrior knows that seeking balance IS the warrior’s work.

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