Soulbyte for Wednesday May 13, 2015

That which should change is usually obvious. What is often not so obvious is how to go about changing it. It might be quickest to turn and walk in a new direction but such action takes volition, as well as courage, and often the necessary energy to undertake such a drastic measure is lacking. So what to do? The best course of action is to first fully face the truth that such change is absolutely necessary. If one cannot leap then at least turn in a new direction and begin taking baby steps. Even babies must change, for nature does not allow them to stay babies.

All beings must mature and take responsibility for themselves. Change is really all about becoming autonomous, freeing the self of that which no longer works or has value, that which does not enhance maturity. Taking full responsibility for the self is the goal of adult life, and it is the energy behind change as well. All change is good, but self-instigated change is better. Why be forced into something when you can take control and end up feeling good? You might find that you are really good at enacting change. A life of mature responsibility is an enhanced life, and your spirit will thank you for taking the leap, even if the leaps are baby steps!

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