Soulbyte for Saturday May 2, 2015

To learn from one’s mistakes is a crucial lesson along the warrior’s path. A journey is not a journey of evolution if one does not pay attention to the lessons life automatically poses from day to day. When a warrior makes a mistake there is no doubt of acceptance of responsibility and contemplation of how to avoid making the same mistake twice.

Above all, a warrior faces life with curiosity and deep contemplation of how best to conserve energy and proceed along a path with heart. To do this a warrior knows that everything is a lesson and so a warrior’s every deed is undertaken as a task to be confronted with heart and soul, for everything matters; there is nothing that does not fall under the category of lesson. And yet a warrior know that to be too analytical is one-sided, and so a warrior’s journey is always undertaken with a good attitude, a happy countenance, and an eager heart.

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