Soulbyte for Monday April 27, 2015

Defeat is only a condition of the mental plane. It sits and waits for an opening to attach. The spirit does not experience defeat. It resides at a higher plane, far above defeat and its roving companions.

The spirit experiences defeat only as a challenge, knowing that a new approach or a new tactic must be instituted. To say that one’s spirit is broken or one’s will is lost is not the doing of the spirit but only the doing of the mind and thus has the potential to be changed, shifted, renewed, for the spirit never dies, never fails, and is never defeated.

Mental thoughts are often dominant in daily living, but the dominance of the spirit must never be questioned. The truth is, it rules. So where does it go at times of defeat? It is only lost from sight by the fog of mental confusion of defeat. It resides high above the fray waiting to be called into action, waiting for the call to wash clear the fog and confusion of defeat with cooling rains of new life.

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