Soulbyte for Saturday April 18, 2015

To make choices is the way of all human beings, but to change the mind on a whim is also the way of all human beings, to decide “oh well” and give in to indulgences and carelessness. Yet this is never the case in nature. An animal does not act on whim but on a basic imperative of survival. If the human being were to consciously choose basic survival over whim, what would change? Would nature in mankind bring a settling and a balancing that mankind only seems to achieve with disciple, conscious choice, and will power?

The true nature of mankind must be trained and tempered if mankind is to become truly conscious of that which is necessary and the sudden unnecessary whims that interfere and create imbalance in life. To be whimsically human must be acknowledged, but the other side of being human, conscious of choice and of power of will, must also be acknowledged and the two brought into play, made useful components of a life of awareness and a path of heart. Do the right thing for self and nature, for everything matters.

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