Soulbyte for Sunday April 12, 2015

When life laughs at you, laugh back. When life asks you to do something, do it with gusto! When life presents a challenge step out with determination, find your bearings, and give it your all. Life asks much of you, for that is life’s job, to take you on your journey, to mold you into a being worthy of its challenges. And your challenge is to take the journey presented, to walk the path before you fully participatory, consciously, and with awareness of the ultimate goal: to ascend beyond what life has to offer. For life itself can only offer so much. It gives you the framework for the journey of spirit, but it does not take the journey, only you can do that.

Life offers advice in its everyday unfolding, but only you can decide what to do with what you are presented with. Life may be filled with things that must be attended to, but on the other hand, life has little to offer, for the real work and the real path are inside each of you. Life points out the direction, but only you can choose to go there.

Give life every opportunity to guide you, but be your own guide along your own path of choice. That is what it means to utilize every opportunity and strike out on a path of meaning and heart, on the path your spirit knows is the right one.

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