Soulbyte for Wednesday March 25, 2015

Be aware of what lies beneath decisions and choices. A warrior seeks always the truth, within the self, with interactions with others, and with what is presented in the outer world. Truth is sober, calming, and solid. Truth is without doubt, though to act upon truth may be fear inducing, and a warrior knows this. But a warrior also knows what fear is all about. There is instinctual animal fear, which acts as a signal to be alert, and there is ingrained thought and emotionally attached fear, which a warrior knows must be dealt with and put aside so that truth may come to the fore and become the driving force to change.

Behind truth will lie love, and this is the ultimate goal of the warrior. Seeking and aligning with love will guide the warrior always to the truth and what is right action. These are the things a warrior seeks when confronted with times of great change and the decisions and choices that must be determined for progress to be made. Seek truth. Seek love. Find joy.

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