Soulbyte for Saturday March 14, 2015

Pain is a signal. Whether physical, emotional or mental it signals that something needs attention, some memory, some yearning, some idea seeks the light. To deal directly with pain is the way of the warrior, for the warrior knows that to ignore pain puts it in a position of power and a warrior does not want anything to have power over them. A warrior does not cave to pain or give it what it wants, except to entice it to reveal why it exists and for what purpose. For the warrior knows that the physical body is a cavern of secrets and that to be free the cavern must be entered, the demons and entities confronted and extracted, so that the cavern of the body may be unburdened. A warrior does not flinch at pain. A warrior uses pain to full advantage so that pain becomes the catalyst, the fire that burns through all illusions and all else that seeks to interrupt the warrior’s journey along the path of heart. For only the fire in the heart is the warrior’s friend. All else is a foe to be dealt with quickly and succinctly, and then the warrior moves on into new life.

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