Soulbyte for Tuesday March 10, 2015

Allow the evolving self to shine through a little bit more each day. Allow the truth of who you truly are to be present in your life. Be daring as you present this new self to the world, as you allow this emerging self to enter into life and live beside you now. Soon there will be no difference between the two of you, for your merger will be complete. Until then remain aware of the work of these two selves, the old self and the new self. Be aware of whose voice speaks, of whose thoughts are evoked, of whose fears and daring are imposed. Note how you begin to operate as you allow your new self to enter and be heard, how you really can allow the old self to step away, no longer necessary.

The work of becoming a changing being is constant. The work of living from your truth must be accomplished with conscious attention to detail, to what is happening inside in reaction to what is happening outside. This is the playing field of evolutionary work. This is how to change with awareness.

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