Soulbyte for Thursday March 5, 2015

Just as an owl sees, hears, and hunts in the dark so does a warrior remain alert, aware, and attentive to the world, night and day. A warrior knows, like owl, when it is time to wait and when it is time to strike. A warrior sits quietly, staying hidden when necessary, and a warrior takes action, using the strength and keenness of owl sensibility when the time is right.

To be like owl is to study nature, both in the dark and in the light. For notice how owl disappears at first light, rarely seen except by the keenest eye, by the warrior who knows where to look. And so owl teaches how to be a hunter and how not to be hunted, how to recede into nature when the time is right, blending in with the surroundings, taking respite and rejuvenation.

A warrior studies surrounding nature, the creatures of the night and the day, and learns how to best live in the Tao of it all.

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