Soulbyte for Friday February 27, 2015

Vigilance can make you its slave or it can set you free. Vigilance that is attached to issues of unresolved fears or dilemmas becomes a slave driver, a sentinel who never relaxes or enjoys life. Vigilance of spirit, as it seeks to remain aware, will set you free. One kind of vigilance holds you back in the physical realm, the other kind aids you in your spiritual quest for knowledge. A warrior is vigilant as a seeker of knowledge and freedom, but a warrior also uses vigilance to become free of all attachments that might steal away awareness and energy that might otherwise be directed toward that quest for freedom.

A warrior knows when to stay vigilant and when to wear it like a golden robe. A warrior does not fear vigilance, but uses it to fullest advantage. In the end, a true warrior is always vigilant, always aware, always detached, always relaxed, always free.

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