Soulbyte for Tuesday February 10, 2015

Don’t take everything so personally. That which bothers you so much is merely a lesson, and your challenge is to determine the deeper meaning for you specifically. Some lessons are helpful, others are warnings, others are directly related to choices being made. Perhaps the lesson is compassion for self and other, for the struggles that all must encounter in life. Perhaps the lesson is an awakening to your true reality. Perhaps the lesson is a wakeup call to change. Perhaps the lesson is a much needed change of heart and change of direction.

When you project your feelings, thoughts, emotions, likes and dislikes onto another person, you refuse a part of yourself and part of your unfolding journey and the lessons that are specifically yours to encounter. A warrior refuses nothing, but a warrior examines everything objectively. A warrior makes choices that are responsible, mature, and growth-oriented. A warrior knows that everything encountered in life is part of the bigger picture, part of the journey to wholeness.

Refuse nothing, study everything, and choose wisely. Seek deeper meaning. And with compassion for self and other, love your challenges, for they are your salvation.

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