Soulbyte for Sunday February 8, 2015

Worry is a figment of the imagination, the mind on fast forward, spinning intricate tales of woe. A warrior knows that worry is an energy thief, a by-product of life upon that earth. And so, a warrior steps away from worry. Shielding the self from its sneaky approach, a warrior stands aside and looks in a different direction. For the warrior knows that there is something else that is more important and that worry comes to distract from it, to confuse the mind and distance the heart.

When worry comes the warrior refuses it and turns instead to the path of heart and compassion where the worry thief dare not tread. For the heart allows only that which is positive and good into its chambers. There are no worries in the chambers of the heart, for only the language of truth is spoken there, only that which truly has heart.

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