Soulbyte for Wednesday January 21, 2015

Where do you stand today? Find your feet. They will take you places. At the other end, find your head. It will help you make the right choices as your feet take their steps through your day. Between these two extremes lies the rest of your physical body, that which you call You, that which others recognize. But you are so much more than this body. You are another being completely, for inside each of you exists the being that you have been for eternity, always was and always will be. This is the you that thinks, feels, and seeks to have meaningful experiences in life, your soul mate, who wishes only for you to be happy, productive, and aware. Get to know this eternal you. For this is the you that will guide, nurture, and teach you the ways of life on earth and the ways of the greater universe, all that is inside you and all that is outside you. Be still and listen so you can hear what is being said. Establish this greater self as your very best companion in your everyday experiences. Start today.

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