Soulbyte for Tuesday January 20, 2015

In the dawning time of each day, in the time between dark and light, reassert your intentions to live a life of kindness, love, and compassion. Though it may be impossible to be all things to all people, it is not impossible to be all things to a few people, and to the self as well. It is highly possible to intend goodness in thought and deed, to ascertain that one will be loving and compassionate where one has the opportunity and where there is good cause to be only so. Far more often than not, to be compassionate, loving and kind is the only action called for. Were this more often the action taken the world would begin to take on a different hue and all life would benefit. In the between times, in the dawning especially, remind the self of the true needs of humanity and take steps to emerge into the light a being of love, kindness, and compassion. It’s all you need to be a changing being in a changing world.

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