Soulbyte for Friday January 16, 2015

What has value? What is truly important to you? How do you decide your true path? What does it mean to be on a path of heart? These are questions that should be asked often. As you take your journey and encounter challenges it is good to reassess and make new choices, even small ones, each day. Allow for practical choices so that your life in the world functions, so that you provide for and are provided with all that you need. Then turn inward to your heart and ask yourself for the answers to your deeper needs and desires. Sort through all that arises until you find the shiny diamond in the center of all your thoughts and feelings, the real nugget of truth. Allow this to become your focus and, if it is truly the jewel you believe it to be, it will continue to shine through all the stages of your days and nights, leading you on your ultimate path of heart. Remember this: often the shiny diamond is the rarest of nuggets, yet can go unnoticed because of its simple nature and appearance.

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