Soulbyte for Tuesday January 13, 2015

Be not afraid of that which comes to guide you. Guidance comes in many forms, both clearly stated and shown, but also shrouded in mystery. Everyday life itself contains all the guidance needed. It is the work of the spiritual warrior to remain always attuned, ready to receive and act upon that which comes to show the way forward. That is the key word here, “forward,” for a warrior knows that no matter what arises in life, the journey always is one of growth and forward movement.

A warrior is aware. A warrior seeks always that which is beneficial, nurturing, and that which will sustain a long journey. But being aware and taking care of the self are not enough. A spiritual warrior knows that no life is complete or fulfilling without action. Action leads to experience. Experience leads to knowing. A warrior knows these things. The goal is to learn by experience. But do not be fooled into thinking that every opportunity is an experience of import. No, the warrior must decide which path to take, which experience is the one that will lead forward, which path is the path of heart.

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