Soulbyte for Wednesday December 24, 2014

Move always onward, taking what you have learned forward with you, allowing it to guide and direct you. Assimilate your lessons and with compassion for self and other become a journeyer, moving onward without regret or anger. Allow yourself the luxury of the spiritual path, seeking always the embodiment of the true self, of your wholeness, heaven and earth combined within the one being that you are.

In times of turmoil or strife, your focus on maintaining balanced spiritual wholeness will guide and instruct. Even if you are uncertain, look always inward and the answers will be found. In balance will earth become solid and clear and heaven become open and abundant. This is what you seek, the magic of both worlds experienced simultaneously. It is not a path for the weak of heart, but it is a path for everyone, that everyone has access to. The choice is yours. To take the real journey that awaits is to choose the path between heaven and earth. It lies waiting for all to find and to walk upon. Are you ready?

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