Soulbyte for Friday December 19, 2014

Embrace the self in all that you are. Without judgment or faultfinding simply love the self for the journey you have taken, the journey you are now on, and the journey yet to come. In such simple embracing of the self that is, acceptance of and release of all that you were, are, and will be allows for growth that is without regret.

To live without regret is a great accomplishment. To move forward in life freed of your past opens you more fully to the present and the future. Do not run from your past, but reckon with it, kindly and with compassion for the self, as you would the past of another. See the self as you would a dear friend and without judgment offer love to the self as you would another. Before you move on check that you have not left any scraps of discontent behind you. Move on only when there are no ties that bind. Only then will you be freed to experience the self that is and the self that is to be.

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