Soulbyte for Monday December 15, 2014

The gathering now begins, the gathering of energy that will carry you forward, separately and collectively. All beings must become aware of this time of shift if they are to consciously partake in the energy of true change. Decisions must be made that are truly beneficial for all, without greed or avarice, thoughtful of all life upon the planet, and even beyond the planet. In the energy of all life, must consciousness that all beings are equal awaken now and be nurtured, trusted, and taken to new and higher levels of attention and purpose.

All beings consist of energy. If the world is to see good once again, that energy must be nurtured and brought forth as that which binds you one to one, and be taken seriously by all rather than a few. In understanding that all beings are energy, an understanding of the similarities and resonance of one to one will be rediscovered and made available for growth and healing. In this manner you will no longer be strangers to each other, but resonant beings on a resonant mission. Seek self knowledge of the energy and you will do your part. Remain open to experiences and trust what you learn.

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