Soulbyte for Saturday December 6, 2014

Where will your path lead you today? What choices will you make? All beings upon that earth are charged with two things each day: 1) to take care of the self and 2) to be a conscious citizen of the world. Both of these charges require not only compassion but also maturity. They require that each individual become fully responsible for the self and the decisions made about how to live, think, and act in the world you reside in. As beings upon a shared planet, sharing must become part of the mix of self and other, inner world and outer world, for without cultivating and nurturing sharing there will be no resources upon which to draw.

Advice for today: Ponder how you personally nurture your shared planet and all the beings you share it with. One to one, you are each responsible for each other. Make your actions be the mirror you want to see in others. Be what you want to see happen in the world. Even though it may seem fruitless at times, live your convictions, one step at a time, one day at a time, one to one.

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