Soulbyte for Thursday December 4, 2014

Embrace not only your humanness but your naturalness as well. Just as the sun shines, the moon glows, the water flows, the air swirls, and the earth itself nurtures you, so are you part of nature. But you are more than that, and this is what you must more fully understand and embody if you and nature are to regain your equilibrium. You are not separate from nature but one with it, one aspect of all other aspects that make the earth whole, a creature among creatures, an energy that makes life on earth viable and complete.

Align your energy with that of your solar system, with the biological imperatives of your planet and your configuration as a human animal so that your time and your life are well spent and well lived.

All beings upon the earth must rise up now as one, all a part of the whole, all equal to each other. Out of the chaos, like a phoenix rising from the fires of transformation, transform each other. It is your duty, and the way of all nature, to recreate the balance that is necessary for survival of all life.

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