Soulbyte for Sunday November 30, 2014

Every day offers the opportunity to plot a new course, to take a new route, to veer off the well-trodden path and go off on an adventure. Every day is a day of opportunity. With that in mind, hold onto the bigger picture and the true desires of your spirit, which might actually be leading you in a direction and toward a goal that you are at this time totally unaware of. Look to your dreams for guidance—messages from your spirit—as much as you look to the world outside of you for signs and messages.

To engage opportunity means not only making decisions and taking actions, but remaining always open, a part of you always attentive and listening for the openings that will take you on your true journey. At the same time, remember that every step is a step on your true journey. Be open to the opportunity that that insight offers! Live with awareness every day.

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