Soulbyte for Wednesday November 12, 2014

Humankind must acknowledge and accept its place in the universe, that it is but a small part of a greater whole. Yet humankind tends to consider itself as the whole around which all else revolves. This is a false notion. To consider all beings, all creatures and all of nature, as equal and equally intelligent is to begin a new adventure upon the earth that now starves and rumbles for attention and intervention. Discontent will increase until humankind reverses its progress and returns to the earth as both source and resource. In this return a new discovery that all beings are equally energetic will complete man’s search for meaning and his downfall will not be one of devastation but one of evolution.

In consideration of nature as a whole, humankind included, the world will adjust properly and all will be well though great damage will occur. As it now stands, the brink has been reached. Tend to the self for all beings so that your personal part in the evolution will have impact. Be considerate, kind and compassionate to self and to all beings that life may evolve.

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