Soulbyte for Thursday November 6, 2014

As you continue your everyday journey pay attention to how you take care of yourself. Are you attentive to your body? Is your mind clear? Do you make concessions and excuses rather than concerted efforts to set limits? Do you exercise, sleep, and eat right?

Life in your world requires attention to the body as well as the spirit. Things easily go out of balance. Establish some rules for yourself that are healthy, restrictive only in good ways. Without denying the needs of the body take care of it even as you take care of your spirit. Protect it, love it, take it forward into new life with you, fully caring and attentive to it. Without your body in good condition your spirit will suffer.

Make beneficial adjustments each day that are nurturing and supportive of the magical journey you are on. Ask your spirit for help. It will not fail you, but how it answers will have to be understood as it may not speak in words.

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