Soulbyte for Wednesday November 5, 2014

Good fortune does not come to those who sit and wait but only to those who actively seek it. To be a seeker is to meet life head on, to take up the warrior’s sword and live the warrior’s life. With intent set, a warrior knows that it is not the goal but the journey that counts and that good fortune lies in every step taken and every day lived.

Good fortune meets warrior spirit so that life becomes a wheel of fortune, a fully explored adventure. Without holding back the warrior knows that to have a good life requires the fortune of intent. Taking the warrior’s path means proceeding with intent of fortune in every step, encounter, and experience. Lead a life of goodness, happiness, and untold fortune by setting the intent to do so. It’s all a matter of mind, or better said, mindset; i.e., change your thoughts. Create and cultivate the mindset of good fortune and then go out and meet it coming to meet you. This is how to change your life and your fortune too!

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