Soulbyte for Sunday November 30, 2014

Every day offers the opportunity to plot a new course, to take a new route, to veer off the well-trodden path and go off on an adventure. Every day is a day of opportunity. With that in mind, hold onto the bigger picture and the true desires of your spirit, which might actually be leading you in a direction and toward a goal that you are at this time totally unaware of. Look to your dreams for guidance—messages from your spirit—as much as you look to the world outside of you for signs and messages.

To engage opportunity means not only making decisions and taking actions, but remaining always open, a part of you always attentive and listening for the openings that will take you on your true journey. At the same time, remember that every step is a step on your true journey. Be open to the opportunity that that insight offers! Live with awareness every day.

Soulbyte for Saturday November 29, 2014

Wind plays with water, ruffling its calm surface, dispelling energy, taking it afar. And yet high above the wind stillness reigns, just as it does deep in the water’s depths. Remember this as you face your discontent and that of others. Remember that in retreat to stiller and calmer energy there is time for reflection and rejuvenation. In retreat may clarity address your worries and your truth be known and accepted. Still the wind and calm the waters of your own soul with this same intent, taking respite in the depths and in the heights of your own being.

Soulbyte for Friday November 28, 2014

Make a commitment to the self. Pledge full disclosure and full access to all that you are, to revealing and accepting all that you are as the fodder for your life and your growth. In this manner discover more fully the path you are on and the challenges you must address in order to change, grow and evolve.

All beings upon that earth are there for a reason and all reasons are waiting within the structures of the self and the life you are in, waiting to emerge and be resolved. Look to the self even as you look to others. If you are to truly grow you must nurture and cultivate the self. You must weed and water the soil you are rooted in. You must allow for fresh air and expansion within and without. This is the core work of the committed evolutionary being.

Soulbyte for Thursday November 27, 2014

We send best wishes to everyone for a calm and peaceful holiday. We will resume our weekly blogs next week, though Soulbytes will continue to be posted over the weekend. Here is today’s guidance.

Let not outer circumstances disturb your inner balance. Remain steady inside and out no matter what you encounter and no matter where life takes you. Your encounters without, however, are meaningful. Find the deeper meaning in them. What do they say about you? What do they point out to you about your own behavior? In this manner will compassion be awoken within. Allow it to gently emerge without in a natural manner and notice how it makes you feel within. Perhaps then you will understand what it means to be in balance. Yes, as within, so without, but as without so within is equally true.

Soulbyte for Wednesday November 26, 2014

Position the self wisely today. Like the eye of the storm stand calmly, keeping balance while outside energy does its thing. Without attachment remain grounded, pragmatic and centered. In patient waiting you will understand the proper direction to take. Your decisions will be right. In turmoil nothing gets resolved. It is only from a place of calm centeredness that right action will be revealed. Only then will it be time to act. Wait. Calmness. Take action only when it is absolutely in alignment with what is right.