Soulbyte for Friday October 31, 2014

We might declare that we stand on the threshold of change, that we sense it coming soon, any moment now, but in reality change is happening all the time. Minute by minute we naturally change. From infinitesimal shifts to large leaps more noticeable for their exaggerated occurrences, change is a constant. To fully experience the changes in our lives we must embrace this constancy, acknowledging that our lives carry us ever forward. To embrace is to be constantly aware, making conscious decisions and choices that abide by the laws of change and motion in infinite balance and yet to not allow them to overtake or overwhelm us. To be a companion to change we must accompany it, constantly aware that it is taking us forward on our journeys. Use it now to create this day in the manner that best suits where you are in each moment. Let your awareness of change naturally guide you over each threshold that appears.

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