Soulbyte for Friday October 24, 2014

It’s shifting time. We are in the midst of change, a time of turmoil and concurrent calm, like wild ocean waves slapping against the solid earth. The waves are tumultuous and, yes, the sandy shore is shifting, but the earth is unmoving. Our determination must be like the solid earth, our spirits like the shifting sands as we weather through the waves of change. This is not change of discontent but change that is naturally occurring and deeply necessary for all of us.

Don’t feel alone. We are all in this together. Gather yourself like the steady earth. Know that your spirit is fully prepared for the shift. Align with the intent of now. Even as the waves pound the shore of your life, remain united in your determination to withstand the storm. All will recede in time and then you will find yourself upon steady ground once again. And then your path will clear and your vision be ready to take up its journey forward.

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