Soulbyte for Monday October 20, 2014

Containment leads eventually to explosion. To take advantage of right containment, so that explosion is beneficial and evolutionary rather than destructive, one must know why one contains. Containment must be a conscious process, alchemical in its properties to transform one state into another. This is using containment wisely. Containment that is merely restrictive without the components of change is destructive containment.

Now is a time of change and real change involves containment of old energy and transformation into new energy. If containment is to be useful, go inwardly with couscous intent, certain that the only way forward now is as a changed being. Set about making that change happen by taking inward only that which is beneficial. Conceal the container of self and do the work of the alchemist. Release will happen naturally when the transforming work is done. Conscious intent, knowing that it is a now or never situation, is the first priority to embrace; then act on it. Now or never?

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