Soulbyte for Friday October 17, 2014

Our thoughts create our reality. Our thoughts that we are bad, incapable, unloveable, stupid or undesirable leave us stuck at the gate of fuller life. To enter the gate we must give up our futile thoughts and embrace all that we are, even our bedevilments, negative though we may perceive them as. In order to create a new reality we must accept all that we are, turning our negative thoughts into nonjudgmental embracing of our vulnerable innocence. We must allow all that we are into the balance of our lives, without excess or denial, without being overcome or neglectful. To be whole we must accept that we are human animals on a mission to become human spirits. To become whole we must love both our animal selves and our spirit selves. This is the work of the creative/creator self. Doing this work is to step through the gate into new life.

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