Soulbyte for Monday October 6, 2014

To take the journey to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness and fulfillment one must be prepared to stand in the warrior’s zone, fully ready and steady, able to bear the tension of that which comes to test and try even the bravest and most surefooted of warriors. A true warrior fights no one except his or her self, his or her own demons. A true warrior sees the world as it truly is and his or her place in it as a student. A true warrior knows that only he or she can take on the task of cutting through the forest of vines that suddenly springs up at his or her feet and thwarts the journey. A true warrior knows that it is his or her job to crack the mirror of reflection and step through its shards newly envisioned, devoid of projection. A true warrior knows that salvation and enlightenment lie along the path of inner work, the journey always unfolding in each step. Today is that next step.

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