Soulbyte for Tuesday September 16, 2014

Stability requires that one stay present, attentive, aware, and ready to act. Stability requires fluidity and solidity.

In the churning waters of the river of life, keep your boat leveled and ready to turn, skillfully maneuvering, navigating through each day using all the tools and skills at hand—those learned and acquired and those intuitively grabbed onto—in order to maintain the fluidity of graceful navigation.

Stand firmly in your boat; yet even in the midst of the churning river of life be ready and relaxed enough to shift at a moment’s notice, staying in complete synch with each wave and the natural forces of the flowing river.

Stability is necessary if one is to advance with satisfaction. This is how to do the inner journey in the midst of the outer journey, meeting in stable agreement all that comes and all that must be encountered.

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