Soulbyte for Wednesday August 27, 2014

Sorry for the delay in getting out today’s Soulbyte. Our internet was down this morning. Look for a blog from Jan later in the day.

Here is the Soulbyte:

Meditate throughout the day by constantly pulling the self back to the reality of the moment. Let go of worry and strife and focus instead on the love you carry within. All beings carry love within, even the most hardened of criminals.

Soften the heart for self and other as you return to the reality of the moment, as you return to now and meditate on the breath and the love circulating naturally throughout your being. If you breathe, you love too. It’s that simple. Awaken the calmness of this love within you by staying in the reality of now with the reality of your breath reminding you of your deepest gifts within.

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