Readers of Infinity: You Are Being Asked To Grow

In this week’s channeled message, I ask Jeanne for guidance as we navigate the energies of now.

It's growing time! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
It’s growing time!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Remain connected to the mysteries of life, to the awe in the unfolding of events and in the confrontation with the deeper issues of self and other. Do not allow the alarmist, the defeatist, the negative mindset to overpower the truths, personal or otherwise.

Maintain stability in the face of all that occurs, whether that means standing calmly before the awesome or before the destructive. Without inner stability all is lost, progress is halted, and a state of non-productive regression may occur.

The energies of now request and remind that maturity and all that you have innerly worked toward be maintained. Too much excess in either direction—going out of balance and into an ascent or a dive—is unhelpful at this time. Stability is called for.

These energies of now are not negative. They are simply honest and straightforward, unavoidably necessary for all to reckon with.

Turn inward and reignite your inner fires, your determination, and your conscious attention to your growth. That’s where you are now, personally and collectively, being asked to grow.

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