Readers of Infinity: Be Careful

Go deeper inside...
Go deeper inside…

Here is today’s channeled message from Jeanne:

Be careful how you use your energy this week. Be protective of your private space, of your personal needs, and your inner self. Protect yourself from outer energy seeking entry, seeking energy, seeking what it does not wish to generate for itself. Be aware of needy energy from without. It will come searching, its siphon extended, seeking places to plunge its proboscis into, as a hunger arises.

I do not wish to alarm, but only to warn that such needy, greedy, or even naive energy may appear in many forms. But whether subtle, aggressive, sneaky or conniving, please refuse it for your own good. This is universal energy and so you will see it playing out in the world around you, but keep in mind that it is present in your own life as well.

Find a means of attack, approaching it with definite refusal, even while you take in the greater meaning of it—that is, that it is necessary energy, present to create balance. Note where you need balance in your own life and use this outer energy as a sign to go inward and create balance within yourself—physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually—as needed. Only you know what you need.

So, overall, you can expect something from outside to show you what you need to work on inside the self. Pull attention, blame, shame, and fear away from others and take it to task within. Although this outer energy may appear as threatening or intrusive, please do not take it in a negative way. It will only be bothersome if you do not accept it as a message of personal importance and fail to do some inner work around it.

May this energy guide you to know yourself a little bit better. That’s really all that matters.

Use the world around you, the situations you find yourself in, and the energy that approaches you to learn something important about the self. And use this information to change, to move into new life; for the evolving self requests this of you.

Thank you, Jeanne, for this guidance! Most humbly channeled. -Jan

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