Readers of Infinity: Be Creative

Ignite the creative fire within…

The time of the creative is upon you, awakening and reawakening, its message clear: Be who you are; do not hold back; embrace the true self and express that true self in your life, your environment, your relationships, in your inner and outer worlds alike.

Creativity is the energy of birth, of new life seeking outlet and place in the world. Creativity is the energy of the spirit inside all of you, asking to be given life.

Support for creative endeavors and change in the self is now abundantly available. Without fear of failure, ridicule, or self-consciousness, allow the creative self to emerge and live.

The time is right. In creative expression, change is possible—in the self and in the world. Be daring; be true to the self. Seek balance in creativity, just as you seek balance in life, yet allow the self to be fully expressed. Allow the long repressed spirit to live.

The time is right for a new self to be born. In giving life, expect life to give back a hundredfold, for there is no end to the creative self. In its unfolding energy will new awareness, new acceptance, and a new self blossom—as of yet unknown—for it is only in expression that the creative self will fully be revealed. As it is given life, so will it take life to a new level. This is good!

Thank you to Jeanne and all of our guides in the universe for today’s message. Most humbly channeled and passed on. Be creative!

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