Readers of Infinity: To Struggle Is Human

Does the caterpillar blame itself for where it finds itself?

Keep in mind that to struggle is human. Keep also in mind that a struggle is just that: a struggle. No judgment or blame, no condemnation or shame need be attached to the human struggles, for no need of such domination by the mind exists. Accept struggle as a human condition, yet also as the spirit in conflict with the human world. The greater advantage of struggle is that it eventually leads to growth.

Without harm one may struggle and advance, without fear for self or others, for all struggle has at its core the needs of the spirit to grow. For this is the essence of struggle within the human condition: fulfillment of the needs and the purposes of the spirit—to evolve.

Life is a teaching tool. Investigate how your own life teaches you each day. Accept your lessons and without blame learn from them, so that eventually you may move along at a quicker pace toward greater balance and openness to the evolutionary meaning of your life.

Acceptance must be learned, how to accept the self and the world you live in must be achieved, and then will you be led to a new level of understanding about the self. But only in being able to accept where you are now as the place you need to be, will you learn from your situation, understanding that it is most necessary for you at this moment in your life. Struggle, you will find, will guide you if you let it.

You are all students, your life and your higher self your teachers. You are student and teacher both. You see? Everything is perfectly set up for you to learn the most valuable lessons for now, for who you are and who you are to become. You are in the perfect seat in the classroom.

Embrace the wholeness of the self to guide you, as you ponder what to do next. Accept the lessons of the good teacher that you are, but also learn to be a good, attentive student as well. And that means learning to pay attention in the everyday classroom of life. Without judgment of self and others, without blame or self-defeating thoughts, accept your struggles as your daily lessons. But the main thing now is to wake up and notice that you are in the right class, the only one you could possibly attend at this moment. Wake up class!

Channeled with love and appreciation for all struggling beings.

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