Readers of Infinity: Smile

The praying mantis smiled and we smiled in return!

Do not get caught in waiting for things to happen, but take action every day on behalf of the self, on behalf of the self as both a human being and as a spiritual being. Evolutionary advancement involves becoming fully aware of your greater potential, and such awareness will only come to fruition as you work on the self.

Work on the self involves not only deep inner work, but it also involves being fully present as a human being in the life you live. No matter what your circumstances may be, there is always great potential for change and growth, for a more fulfilling life, and for a person to be happy, healthy, and contented. Life upon that earth does indeed present challenges, there is no denying that, but nothing is too great to handle. Challenges must be recognized and accepted as evolutionary opportunities and dealt with every day in order for both human enjoyment on earth and spiritual enlightenment to take place.

It is advisable to determine your core issue and challenge, and then, in unwavering commitment to the self as an evolutionary being, deal with what comes to guide you and lead you to resolution of that core issue and the challenges that arise as a result.

If you refuse to confront the meaning of your life in this manner—by facing your personal inner issues—you will not advance into greater fulfillment. It rarely happens that the world alone provides enough, for even the most successful people in the world are not truly happy if the inner self has not been attended to. Yes, your life may be quite livable and comfortable, but does it really tend to your spirit? It is time for all upon that earth to tend to the spirit now. For all the spin in the outer world, the needs of the inner self will not be addressed there.

The inner self must be recognized for what it truly is, a force of power, unique in itself, and ready to evolve, to be more fully present in life. Yet it has been relegated to a quiet corner for the most part, left alone to wither, to contend with its own negligence, and yet it stirs often enough, sending messages that it too has much to offer.

For those who are in the midst of deep inner work, for those who not only acknowledge their spiritual self, but also engage and invite it into the world, be advised to stay the course of such work for it has far reaching effects, within the self and without. Your struggles will result in change, and once change begins to happen take note, and revel in its expression in your life as it aids you in your process. Take note also of its unfolding in the world around you, as the energy of personal change confronts the outer world and makes inroads that will not cave or be erased.

For those as yet asleep, fearful of what it means to do inner work, fearful of change, unsure of what it means to answer the call of the spirit’s knockings, look to your daily life for messages, to your dreams for guidance, and to the people in your life for direction. And then look into the self; listen to the ego self, the fearful self, and the inner voice that speaks the wisdom of your heart. Pay attention to how these selves operate and ask them to align now, to live life in synch more often, to walk hand in hand, giving and taking with kindness, gentleness, and compassion for the self, and others as well. Begin to notice that all beings seek what you seek.

Address what you need innerly, resolve it, and allow your true self expression. Smile and you will be smiled upon in return. Try this simply act and see what happens! Then let your spirit guide you from there.

Expansiveness of spirit, to self and others, will open many new doors, within and without. Be real. Be kind. Smile!

Channeled with love and smiles!

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