Who’s Afraid of the Cookie Monster?

Cookies anyone?

Today, March 1, 2012, marks the change in Google’s privacy policy or, um, perhaps “piracy” policy would be a better way to put it, as everything you do on Google-owned internet sites, including your gmail account if you have one, will now be tracked and traced in a more invasive manner than ever before. This tracking is not new news—cookies are commonplace on the internet—but the insidiousness of it is.

From a Huffington Post article, linked to below, comes this statement: “But the policy being introduced Thursday will help Google develop richer profiles of its users, cobbled together from data about what videos they’ve watched on YouTube, what their Gmail emails say, what searches they perform and which topics they follow on Google+.”

So what is really at stake here? Well, starting today, corporations are pirating your internet activity with the intention of bombarding you with ads, suggestions, emails, and ploys for your attention like never before. In fact, Google is the wiley Trickster in disguise! And, as of today, you cannot opt out! Since we write so much about the Trickster we thought we’d put out a warning.

Here it is: Don’t be fooled by what you might perceive as synchronicity—something showing up in your email for instance just as you are planning a big event in your life—for it may not be the universe supporting or encouraging you but Trickster Google and the greedy moguls seeking your attention, time and, of course, your dollars.

This has in fact been going on for some time now—it’s how the internet works after all—but even European regulators are questioning the validity of this further invasion in privacy, apparently more concerned with its citizens rights to privacy than here in America.

Note that real synchronicities, real signs from infinity do not come via the internet, they come through you, through your deep and heart-felt knowing that something is right. Trust that and avoid the greedy Trickster.

Who’s tracking you? Here are some links regarding this news from Huffington Post and the concerns from Europeans as well as a note from Firefox that may be helpful.

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