Readers of Infinity: Your Mellow Heart

Tending to the Heart

Tend to your mellow heart. In the calmness of your knowing self allow the day to unfold. Tend to each moment of the day with awareness, staying present, accepting without dispute the place you find yourself in. Remain grounded in reality knowing that this moment will end as it flows into the next.

Graciously accept the gifts that come and yet hold your mellowness sacred, for it will guide you deeper into the calmness of truth, grounding you on your journey.

Tend to the self in this manner even while tending to others, even while tending to the busyness of life around you. Stay present and aware of the speakings of your heart, the whispering words pulling you back into calmness of self. This is the place to be no matter what is outside of you.

Practice tending to the mellow heart, the calm heart, the truthful heart, the good heart. Tethering each moment to the next, go about your day in steady calmness.

Begin now.

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