Readers of Infinity: Stay Calm

Let calmness guide you now

Something shifted during the night. There was restlessness but now there is calm. Things are clearer today, the path ahead more visible as calmness becomes the central focus over the weekend though there may be spikes or bursts of energy. We must maintain this calm energy of stability and balance. The universe will back us in this intent to remain calm, just as it has backed our need for restlessness as a catalyst for change.

Calmness is energizing and sustainable. It is quiet and still. It feels right. Calmness is requesting that life be allowed to lead now, that the universe be allowed to offer assistance and guidance. In a state of calm all things are possible. Calmness is the discipline that must take over now so that we may successfully back down from our confrontations. Now is a time of retreat, of waiting, and of patience. It means waiting to see what happens next.

When pulled out of calmness, out of balance, the thing to do is turn away from that which draws so strongly and return immediately to calmness. When confronted with anger, bitterness, hatred, or even over-excitement and exhilaration, return to calm balance. By constantly turning back to the calm self, the calm group, the calm nation, the calm world, all things will have a chance to change in a balanced peaceful way.

Stay calm.

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